This policy refers to how MA Cards Collects, manages, discloses and stores your personal information. With this privacy policy, we want you as a customer to feel safe when you disclose your personal information to us, and that we adhere to the personal data legislation.

When do we store your information?
When you visit our website, order goods, become a member of or contact our customer service.

Where do we store your information?
As we are still a very small company with only Mats and Amanda as workers, the information is stored in our computer.

Who has access to your information?
Your information is only shared between Mats and Amanda. We never sell or disclose your information to third parties. Information given to third parties is only given to partners who perform services for MA Cards for, for example, delivery, payment or communication. These partners only handle your personal data in order to provide you with better service. MA Cards may also disclose your information to authorities if they require it or a legal requirement is received. Also to detect and prevent fraud and other security issues.

Why do we store your information?
To be able to give you the best service, but above all transport the goods where they are supposed to. And for complaints, refunds and returns to work.

What are your rights?
You can at any time request what information we have about you. Go to “contact us” for complete information. You also have the right to change your personal information if these are incorrect. You have the right to request that we delete your personal data, except
* When you have an ongoing case for customer service
* An ongoing order that has not been sent, or has been partially sent.
* You are suspected of having or have abused our services in the last 3 years.
* If you have made a purchase, we store your personal information in connection with the transaction for accounting purposes.

Changes to privacy
policy We reserve the right to change the policy when required. For example, new law or new technology. We are not responsible for you having the current information. We will always inform on our website when changes are made.

How do you agree to our privacy policy?
By visiting our website, you agree to the policy.